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Re: [zzdev] gzgzg

On Thu, 17 Feb 2000, x7 wrote:

> helo.
> was just trying now to make gzigzag/Java from the sourceforge cvs tree,
> what versions of jdk,swing,openxml do you use?

See gzigzag/Java/README

> could compile with jdk1.1.7
> the farthest i came to running foo.Main with either java from 1.1.7 or
> 1.2 was:
> PATH ENQUEUE fi.iki.lukka.ZZPath@80d8813
> PATH REREAD fi.iki.lukka.ZZPath@80d8843
> java.lang.NullPointerException: 
>         at fi.iki.lukka.ZZPath$3.apply(ZZPath.java:133)
>         at fi.iki.lukka.ZZPath.reread(ZZPath.java:80)
>         at fi.iki.lukka.ZZPath.get(ZZPath.java:51)
>         at fi.iki.lukka.ZZAbstractView.<init>(ZZAbstractView.java:117)
>         at fi.iki.lukka.ZZAbstractView.create(ZZAbstractView.java:159)
>         at fi.iki.lukka.ZZAbstractView.create(ZZAbstractView.java:165)
>         at fi.iki.lukka.ZZ2DGridView.<init>(ZZ2DGridView.java:61)
>         at fi.iki.lukka.ZZSimpleClient2.<init>(ZZSimpleClient2.java:51)
>         at foo.Main.main(Main.java:67)
> java.lang.NullPointerException: 
> Fetchev
> Fetchev:INSYNCH

Did you have the right command-line args?

> as another options i get some ugly errors from swing/JNI when i try it on
> another setup.
> any hints apprectd.

Try a fresh (the very latest) version - the CVS tree is changing FAST.
A bug today might not be there tomorrow. We're looking at making a tarball
release soon.