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Re: zzdev Pilot

>That sounds like a very good idea.  (my pilot turns up in 2 days) Would
>it be possible to write to the backup store and have this updated into
>the pilot?

Yes, that's essentially what the Pilot desktop software does.  I don't
personally run the Unix sync utilities, but I'm pretty sure they
provide full two-way syncing functionality.  The only trick is our
ability to match up records in the backup store to ZZ cells.

>Sounds complicated.  The addition of the ID's is a kind of "pollution"
>of the ZigZag space for non-ZigZag purposes don't you think? (although
>to some extent - so is my extra "Pilot" dimension)

Somewhat.  That maybe branches into a generic ZZ design question: is
it a good idea to include the provision for cells and/or dimensions
which are invisible to the user yet still part of the database?

>"Synch to pilot" (ignore whats already there and put this there) and
>"Synch from pilot" (delete all the cells and copy pilot memos in) is one
>way of making the Synch process easy - although it's a bit brain dead.

Yes, both would be easy, although "sync from Pilot" would destroy all
the ZZ connections.

>If the Pilot DB was our own (rather than memos) then we could attach the
>zigzag cell id to cells within it.  That might help?

That would be a good strategy.  The existing Memo Pad source is even
available, so writing a Pilot client with that level of functionality
is pretty trivial.

Is it easy for external programs to generate new ZZ cell ids?

- Edward Keyes