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Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] are there any Palm Pilot Developers around?

Edward Keyes wrote:

> >someone had decided that it was Too Hard to re-create ZigZag on
> >a Palm Pilot.
> Not really Too Hard, but just a situation with Different Design Needs.

shame on my memory.

> Well worth pondering, indeed...  In fact, such a thing could be done
> entirely on the server side: just designate one category of memos as
> "ZigZag cells" and extract that info from the backup files.

That sounds like a very good idea.  (my pilot turns up in 2 days) Would
it be possible to write to the backup store and have this updated into
the pilot?

> The only slightly complicated element I can foresee is the ability to
> match up cells to memos in future syncs.  The easiest thing to do,
> which is very easy in ZZ, is to attach another dimension to the line
> of cells in which you store the unique ID of each record that the
> Pilot keeps track of for its own syncing.

Sounds complicated.  The addition of the ID's is a kind of "pollution"
of the ZigZag space for non-ZigZag purposes don't you think? (although
to some extent - so is my extra "Pilot" dimension)

"Synch to pilot" (ignore whats already there and put this there) and
"Synch from pilot" (delete all the cells and copy pilot memos in) is one
way of making the Synch process easy - although it's a bit brain dead.


If the Pilot DB was our own (rather than memos) then we could attach the
zigzag cell id to cells within it.  That might help?

ponder ponder (some more).