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Re: :zz: Urgent small cleanups / misunderstanding

On Sat, Mar 27, 1999 at 10:26:31AM -0800, Ted Nelson wrote:
> Due to some misunderstanding, many of the commands
>  work with only one window.  This means the directions
>  I sent out in January (below) are incorrect.

They were correct at the time.  A bug was subsequently introduced,
and has only now been detected; thanks.  I've fixed the problem
for the next version (0.69).

> The following should all work equally with both hands
>  and windows: hop, break, new (n and N), connect.
>  I'm puzzled at why they were defined only to work
>  with right hand / righthand window.

They weren't.  They were defined to work with both windows and did so
until the bug crept in.  My apologies.  Clearly we need more testing...

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