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:zz: Urgent small cleanups / misunderstanding

Andrew & All:

Due to some misunderstanding, many of the commands
 work with only one window.  This means the directions
 I sent out in January (below) are incorrect.

The following should all work equally with both hands
 and windows: hop, break, new (n and N), connect.
 I'm puzzled at why they were defined only to work
 with right hand / righthand window.

Anyhow, these need to be fixed.  While we can't have
 complete symmetry, we can get as close as possible.
 Because after all, when we have n windows, they should
 be pretty much alike.

So below are the January directions.  Make it so !-)

Best, Ted

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = JANUARY DIRECTIONS 
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 01:40:31 +0900
To: zzdev@xxxxxxxxxx
From: Ted Nelson <ted@xxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: ted@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [zzdev] :zz: SUPERCONDENSED zz instrux (new boot floppy label, tiny

ZigZagtm 0.61 Boot Floppy ?  A Ted Nelson Design 
This software does not run under Windows!  

FOR SAFETY CONTAINS NO HARD DISK DRIVERS but we take no responsibility for
damages real or imagined, consequential or otherwise.   ©1999 Project
This disk will automatically reboot a Windows machine and run ZigZag 0.61
            under Linux.  Place in floppy drive of Intel-type PC and
restart computer.

ZIGZAG KEYBOARD COMMANDS                    EXIT ZIGZAG: ctrl-x 

LEFT WINDOW (menu cursor): quad window Q ? cursor directions S E F C or s e
f c ? go forward d ? go backward D ? reassign x-axis X ? reassign y-axis Y
? reassign z-axis Z ? flip between row and column view V ? cursor go home G
?  go to specific cell (cellnumber) G ? clone this cell T 
RIGHT WINDOW (event cursor): quad window q ? cursor directions  J I L (,)
or j i l (,) ? go forward k ? go backward K ? reassign x-axis x ? reassign
y-axis y ? reassign z-axis z ? flip between row and column view v ? cursor
go home g ? go to specific cell (cellnumber) g ? clone this cell t ? arrow
keys may also be used for directions J I L (,)
EXECUTING MENU CELL (begins with #): place left cursor on cell RETURN
NEW CELL: n or N followed by direction key S E F C d D  J I L (,) k K 
HOP: h followed by direction S E F C d D  J I L (,) k K 
TO CONNECT CELLS: type cell number of one cell, put right cursor on other
cell and hit direction key of its desired edge: S E F C d D J I L (,) k K
TO BREAK CONNECTION (right cursor): b direction S E F C d D  J I L (,) k K 
TO MAKE NEW DIMENSION: go to cell 1 (top of dimension list) and make new
cell in that column, edit cell and type in name of new dimension.  Deleting
a cell in this column deletes its dimension.  DO NOT DELETE d.1, d.2,
d.cursor, d.clone. 
EDITING CELL CONTENTS: ctrl-k opens editor.  EXIT EDITOR: ctrl-k X

Theodor Holm Nelson, Visiting Professor of Environmental Information
 Keio University, Shonan Fujisawa Campus, Fujisawa, Japan
 Home Fax from USA: 011-81-466-46-7368  (If in Japan, 0466-46-7368)
http://www.sfc.keio.ac.jp/~ted/  (Professorial page)
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PERMANENT E-MAIL: ted@xxxxxxxxxx
QOD 99.03.25
"One event is an anomaly. Two is a coincidence.  Three is a trend."  
-- Anon.