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:zz,xos: Re: Open Source, more


checking further, I find that I remembered correctly.
 The definition you cite begins:

- - - -
             The Open Source Definition

                                (Version 1.0)

      Open source doesn't just mean access to the source code. The
      terms of an open-source program must comply with the following

      1. Free Redistribution

      The license may not restrict any party from selling or giving away
the software
      as a component of an aggregate software distribution containing programs
      from several different sources. The license may not require a royalty
or other
      fee for such sale. (rationale) 
- - - - (end)

In other words, sure you can sell it-- just as long as
 other people are free to give it away!  (Correct me if wrong.)

That's close enough to freebie public domain for my understanding.
 In other words, very hard to build a viable business.  Red Hat has--
 but not nec the other Linux distributors.

Am I missing something?

Best, Ted

At 01:23 PM

 3/26/99 +1100, you wrote:
>Ted Nelson wrote:
>> And while ZigZag is not really Open Source-- meaning
>>  freebie public domain-- we're as vulnerable as anybody.
>Definition fixup:  Open Source does NOT mean "freebie public domain".
>Basically, means "open source" - ie, that the sourcecode is open - ie,
>free and available.
>The full definition is at http://www.opensource.org/osd.html.
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