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Re: [zzdev] :zz: Some questions about HTML & frames & Javascript

Ted Nelson wrote:

> Finally, years late, I found out that I could use Netscape to
>  save all the pictures on a page by doing an "Edit page"
>  and THEN saving the page I was supposedly editing.
>  This also keeps Netscape from re-contacting the server if I want to
>  print the page.  (Geez, thanks a lot for telling me ...)

I didn't know that......does it works!?

> Why is it that some Javascript pages, saved with "Edit page",
>  save all the pieces, whereas others don't -- such as
> http://www.wwwvoice.com/bud/bud.html
> ?

I can see that.

Good JavaScript code is supposed to load every pictures which is used as mouseOver event,
between head tags, like

    <script language="JavaScript">
        /* Load the pictures */

        /* Actual html page description */


This means every picture are stored in the computer memory before it appears on
the browser screen.


This bud ugly page's javascript code is........


    <script language="JavaScript">
        /* Load the pics */


Hey this does work, but it seems something is gonna be wrong! :-)
.......I think this is an intentinal html code....as the bud ugly html code.

Ken'ichi Unnai > 雲内健一
Environmental Information Department of Keio University, Japan