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:zz: Some questions about HTML & frames & Javascript

Hi Folks--

Finally, years late, I found out that I could use Netscape to
 save all the pictures on a page by doing an "Edit page"
 and THEN saving the page I was supposedly editing.
 This also keeps Netscape from re-contacting the server if I want to
 print the page.  (Geez, thanks a lot for telling me ...)

But still...

Why is it that some pages, with frames, allow me to print
 the whole page, but others offer only the 'print frame' option?

Also, why is it that some pages, with frames, allow me the
 "edit page" option and collect all the pieces into an editable
 whole, but others say 'Your browser does not support frames"?
 (Which is false.)

Why is it that some Javascript pages, saved with "Edit page",
 save all the pieces, whereas others don't -- such as

Best, Ted

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