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Re: (techy) Code specs?

Mark-Jason Dominus wrote:
> >    put & and () on all functions zigzag's defined.
> I don't understand why you want to make this distinction between
> zigzag's internal functions and the other functions.  What's the
> point?  What if a function moves out of the core?

I don't mean zigzag's internal and external functions, I mean
ones we've written (zigzag itself and ZigZag::*) and ones we haven't
(eg Curses, DB, etc.).

Just for ease of use, basically.  It means you can tell by
looking if it's "our" function or "not our" function.

> My vote:  Omit & everywhere.  Less punctuation is always better.

I have a personal reason for liking the & - they cue in my
syntax-highlighting on this-is-a-function.  The diseases I have mean
my reading isn't near as good as it used to be, and I -need- the
syntax highlighting.  I can't read code without it anymore ...


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