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Re: (techy) Code specs?

> We can fight our religous wars 

Not with me, you can't.  I don't fight about stuff like that.

>    3 space indents

If you like.  I always prefer 2-space, because space is precious.

>    prototypes suck

Prototypes are fine for their intended purposes.  The way they're used
in the existing code is not the intended purpose.  My vote:  Ditch them.

>    put & and () on all functions zigzag's defined.

I don't understand why you want to make this distinction between
zigzag's internal functions and the other functions.  What's the
point?  What if a function moves out of the core?

&f() has different semantics from f().  These differences have nothing
to do with whether the function is in zigzag or not.  Why do you want
to conflate these two nurelated things?

My vote:  Omit & everywhere.  Less punctuation is always better.

>    put () on -all- functions