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:zz: demo cells typed, per your request

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At 09:05 AM 11/11/98 -0800, you wrote:
>> Sorry, I don't remember whether I answered this.
>> Do you mean the set of introductory materials
>>  that come with the boot disk?
>I think so. What I would like is the text in the cells in the
>demo. Much of this is definitions, explanations, and
>> I'm not sure where to get them separately.
>>  I don't think there's a readable version.
>>  We could send you the version that runs
>>  on Linux, or create a "printable" version
>>  with a lot of garbage mixed in.  Does this help?
>Since we are about out of time on this, please do not go to
>extraordinary efforts.
>Is it reasonable to get any part of this, regardless of
>formatting, in a text file that is readable on a PC running
>Windows? Or even in a print out that I can review or do OCR on?
>I had planned to run the demo and dictate what I felt important,
>but it became obvious that that would take some time.
>Best regards,
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