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:zz,virt: Re: Inside/Contents again

Hi Bek.  Good quex.

>Should displaying a cell in quad mode show you the contents too?

Yes.  Whether to make a visible distinction between
 the text in *this* cell, and that contained in others Inside it,
 might be a later viewing option.

>For example, when you edit a cell, should you also be editing its

Probably not.  

========Actually, we have two types of contents now:
 Text contents *here* (this cell)
 Other things contained Dimensionally.

The best cosmology is to say that the text contents
 of this particular cell are logically before those of the
 first cell contained.

So the particular interface isn't terribly important, except
 to maintain and keep clear this distinction between
 these two different types of contents.  

We could do special-case viewing and editing
 stuff, but I want to postpone most of that till we have
 a more full-bodied system.

For right now, I'd say editing a cell means editing its own
 text, and editing the other cells means opening them
 specifically.  It might be nice to have some kind of a flag
 inside the open cell indicating perhaps the names of
 other cells it contains one level down, just for convenience
 in jumping to them.   But that's special-casing and
 definitely postponable.


At 01:51 PM 11/11/98 +1100, you wrote:
>Mark-Jason Dominus wrote:
>> > Conceptually, it's for anything that contains
>> >  anything else!  Data or programs.
>> The question is, what do you want the program to *do* with it?
>To expand on what Mark said:  
>For example, when you edit a cell, should you also be editing its
>Should displaying a cell in quad mode show you the contents too?
>Or are the ONLY differences that we have functions to get the
>inside/contents for these cells?
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