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Re: [zzdev] CVS

Congrats!  Ted

At 06:21 PM 11/7/98 +1100, you wrote:
>Being an impatient brat who's been looking for a way to avoid
>studying I've set up CVS!  Woo!
>Actually it's not QUITE working yet.  But it's nearly there,
>mjd's helping me test it.
>This means that anybody I give the readonly password too can
>check out the current dev source for a look.
>It also means that people that have read-write passwords can check
>things out and change them, then check them back in.  We can set up
>branches so people's revisions (like, eg, mjd's patches) stay seperate
>until whoever's in change (I think this's Xanni but it's confusing!)
>OK's them and merges them with the current source.
>If Xanni's OK with it, a CNAME for cvs.tertius.net.au to cvs.xanadu.net
>or cvs.xanadu.com.au or whatever would be nice for naming purposes.
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