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Being an impatient brat who's been looking for a way to avoid
studying I've set up CVS!  Woo!

Actually it's not QUITE working yet.  But it's nearly there,
mjd's helping me test it.

This means that anybody I give the readonly password too can
check out the current dev source for a look.

It also means that people that have read-write passwords can check
things out and change them, then check them back in.  We can set up
branches so people's revisions (like, eg, mjd's patches) stay seperate
until whoever's in change (I think this's Xanni but it's confusing!)
OK's them and merges them with the current source.

If Xanni's OK with it, a CNAME for cvs.tertius.net.au to cvs.xanadu.net
or cvs.xanadu.com.au or whatever would be nice for naming purposes.


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