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Re: [zzdev] Re: :zz,crel: Parting of the Versions again

Mark, I'm really honored more than I can say.

And we're all very glad you're on the team.


At 10:56 PM 11/4/98 -0500, you wrote:
>> You want the semantics to be a little simpler for elegance' sake.
>I guess I should explain myself a little better.  I don't want it to
>be any way.  It's your big idea and I'm not interested in arguining
>with you about how it should work.
>I just want you to explain the way it is.
>> 5.  I think here we may have come to another parting of the versions. 
>>  If you would like to carry out parallel development of the
>>  alternative you're thinking of, I'll be interested to try it.  
>I'm not really interested in that this week.  This week I want to make
>it the way Ted Nelson wants it.  I had hoped that Andrew would put in
>my `shear' and `select' patches and release a new version and then you
>would see it and say ``No, it's almost what I want, but the details
>are wrong,'' and then I'd fix it.  
>Later on when it's better developed and the internals are separated
>from the interface is the time that I'll diverge.  While waiting for
>you folks to do something with the patches, I've been working on
>alternative front ends so that when Bek gets the front end separated
>from the back end I'll have enough expertise to replace the front end
>with something I like better.
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