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Re: :zz,crel: Parting of the Versions again

> You want the semantics to be a little simpler for elegance' sake.

I guess I should explain myself a little better.  I don't want it to
be any way.  It's your big idea and I'm not interested in arguining
with you about how it should work.

I just want you to explain the way it is.

> 5.  I think here we may have come to another parting of the versions. 
>  If you would like to carry out parallel development of the
>  alternative you're thinking of, I'll be interested to try it.  

I'm not really interested in that this week.  This week I want to make
it the way Ted Nelson wants it.  I had hoped that Andrew would put in
my `shear' and `select' patches and release a new version and then you
would see it and say ``No, it's almost what I want, but the details
are wrong,'' and then I'd fix it.  

Later on when it's better developed and the internals are separated
from the interface is the time that I'll diverge.  While waiting for
you folks to do something with the patches, I've been working on
alternative front ends so that when Bek gets the front end separated
from the back end I'll have enough expertise to replace the front end
with something I like better.