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:zz: Headcells (was: Mark-Jason's Question about attributes

Headcell: cell at the negative end (if there is an end),
 user-chosen cell rank is a loop.

Uses: floating label for spreadsheet-like views
 ... other stuff, uh, I don't remember right now.

Plz understand: most of this was designed ca 1984-6;
 last year's simplification, and the fun and pain of dealing
 with it, have driven quite a bit out of my head.

Maybe next year I can go into the ZZ notes archive ...
 back to when it was called GRIDL (Grid Language !-)

Best, T

At 04:49 PM 10/28/98 +1100, you wrote:
>Ted Nelson wrote:
>> >Solution 2: Make a new `d.sex' dimension.
>> >	    Make a `male' cell and a `female' cell
>> >	    Link the people cells +d.sexward to either the male or
>> >	    female cell, as appropriate.
>> >
>> >	    But wait---you can't link two different cells to `male'
>> >	    in the +d.sex dimension.
>> Sure you can!  Just make the "male" cell the negative endcell
>>  (headcell).  ("Jump to headcell" is one of those unimplemented
>>  items from the original design that haven't even made it to the
>>  current wish list.)
>> That means you have a chain of males (chain male !-)
>>  but that's close to the spirit of ZigZag.
>Huh?  -I- don't understand that "headcell" bit, can you explain it in
>terms of some of the more basic operations?
>Actuallyy ,that's one thing I keep meaning to do - I feel like some
>subset of the operations we've defined is a "Basic" set and everything
>else can be defined using them.  
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