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Re: [zzdev] Question about inside/contents

Good question.

Fonts make it diff. to read your pic,
 but I presume that in this illustration 
 X is under A.  In which case,

Answer is No.  

X might, however, have a left-hand neighbor Y,
 in which case it's inside Y.

In other words, the connection to A is accidental
 (but allowed)-- philosophy is that all connections are allowed unless
actually *wrong*.

However, your illustration doesn't indicate whether X is connected
 rightward to B1, which would definitely *not be allowed*,
 as it violates the standard containment concept.
 We're allowing a more principled way of doing that by
 letting *clones* be contained elsewhere.

It's all interpretation, of course, and the problem is to find
 the most productive and consistent set of of premises.

Please ask more like this one.

Best, Ted

At 01:49 PM 10/26/98 -0500, you wrote:
>	A - B - C      +--> +d.inside
>        |   |   |      |
>        X   B1  C1     v +d.contents
>Is X part of the contents of A?
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