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Possible mouse bindings for Nile

How would Nile work with a mouse?  Here is a possible design:

The right mouse button would be used to provide a way to 
drag and drop a selection across the screen.

The left mouse button would be used to make selections, but
with some differences.

First difference is the ability to make multiple selections.
Next difference is you can extend or shrink a selection by
grabbing on an end (start or end) of a selection.

To cancel a selection, you left-click anywhere inside a selection.

If a new selection has an end inside an old selection, the old
selection is canceled.  If the new selection meets an end of an
old selection, the selections are merged, and any selections in
between are canceled because they have been gobbled.

An end of a selection is assumed in most cases to be a word.  If the
mouse is dragged slower, letters will be selected; if the mouse is
dragged faster whole sentences will be selected.