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Re: [zzdev] More Use Cases

Brent Turcotte wrote:
> - Possibility generator
>   I mentioned this to Ted some years ago, but I wasn't clear.
> If you take some mathematical rules, and some basic data,
> then GZigZag could create temporary cells and dimensions
> that would represent possible cases for the situation.

Temporary cells? Virtual cells! ;o)

(At least, I got the impression at the HT'01 workshop that 'virtual
cells' was used in exactly this sense: cells and connections generated
by the computer, either to represent something external or through some
computation, and not stored on the disk.)

<< example snipped >>
>   I see this as an experiment, a different way of looking
> at things.  I'm not sure how useful it will be.

I think browsing all the possible ways to invoke a menu command will
actually be one important way to interface with ZigZag when using a
mouse. ;o) (I.e., you would browse till you find the exact parameters
you want, then you invoke that command.)

>   Also, a possibility generator might be in the form of a
> specialized programming language rather than an applitude.

I don't quite understand this yet. I would imagine that you can use
practically any cellular language to program it. I would consider both
creating a "possibility space" (what should we call that? -- e.g. the
set of possible clothings from your example) and browsing one resulting
"possibility space" an applitude, or part of an applitude, depending on
what you're doing...

- Benja