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More Use Cases

- Possibility generator
  I mentioned this to Ted some years ago, but I wasn't clear.
If you take some mathematical rules, and some basic data,
then GZigZag could create temporary cells and dimensions 
that would represent possible cases for the situation.  
One example  would be for clothing.  If you have five different 
pants, t-shirts and hats what would all 125 possible 
combinations of those clothing look like on a human being?  You 
could examine the possible combinations in a lottery, different
states of weather, the number of ways to color a cube and
so on.  In some cases, the number of possibilities 
generated is low, so it is possible to have them all
visualized.  Other times the possibilities are way too
high, but you could still navigate the possiblities to
find a pattern in it all.
  I see this as an experiment, a different way of looking
at things.  I'm not sure how useful it will be.
  Also, a possibility generator might be in the form of a 
specialized programming language rather than an applitude.

- Scanned image organizer
  I am quite interested in the news surrounding PDF files.
Perhaps this would could be extended to allow 'Nile' like
functions on the image.  You could draw a box around a word
to cut it, then you could drag it where you want.  To fix 
errors, you could simply cut & put some text in its place.
Instead of three modes (letter, word and sentence) you have
one mode.  And you could allow transclusions, using parts of
an image.