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Re: [Gzigzag-commits] gzigzag/src/util/test BenchPool.java

"Tuomas J. Lukka" wrote:
> Modified Files:
>         BenchPool.java
> Log Message:
> A faster, simpler (but less functional) pool

Definitely sounds intriguing! But how does this work with the "strange"
lifecycles of Vob objects:

a) We create VobScene 1.
b) We create VobScene 2.
 < we interpolate 1->2 >
c) We release VobScene 1.
d) We create VobScene 3.
 < we interpolate 2->3 >
e) We release VobScene 2.
f) We create VobScene 4...

And it's views, after all, for which pooling is most useful (because
objects aren't kept for a long time). Or are there other important areas
of application?