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Isometric 3D


I just realized that a good way to use ZigZag with 3D would be an
isometric perspective: the X and Y axis (dimensions) forming the
isometric "plane" and the Z axis going up/down. -- As usual in the
isometric perspective, the Z and Y axis are reversed:

  ^  - Y
  | / |
   ----> X

Now, each cell becomes a box:

  -------       -------
 / cell /|     / cell /|
 -------.......------- |
 |     |/      |     |/
 ---.---       -------
  --:----       -------
 / c:ll /|     / cell /|
 -------.......------- |
 |     |/      |     |/
 -------       -------

(The dotted lines ("....") symbolize connections.) If we use enough
spacing in the Z direction, as shown, we can show multiple cells in the
dimension assigned to Z very nicely.

Only think to be careful about is that the accursed cell must always be
visible. This can be archieved by not looking "upwards" (on Z) from
cells which are "in front of" the accursed cell, i.e. negwards on Y from
the accursed cell. They could also be shown translucently.

This allows us to use many features from a normal rowcol view, but in
three dimensions. (And yes, it's a far-future thing, just an idea I
didn't want to be lost.)

- Benja