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Re: zzSig: ht: Proposed zz workshop at HT 01

Hi, sorry I missed this till now.

My proposed talks were just placemarkers-- or, as Pooh-Bah said
 in that musicale which was till last month never performed in Japan,
 "mere corroborative detail for an otherwise uninteresting narrative".

I think I should give about an hour's introduction, and I know Marlene
 is looking forward to her presentation.

How about the others? 

Les, it's pretty well open.  A discussion of standardization should
 probably be toward the end, though.

All best, Ted

At 11:05 AM 4/27/01 +0100, you wrote:
>At last I have the details, the day before Wendy and I set off for the Web
>Conference in Hong Kong.
>The workshop is due to run on Tuesday 14th August, and will cost 500 Danish
>Kroner (about 60US Dollars).
>The web site for the main conference is at www.ht01.org
>What shall we do about summoning the troups and structuring the day?
>I would like it to have elements of "introductory stuff" to attract new
>people as well as the nitty gritty development effort and decisions about
>"moving on". What's your feeling?
>Ted's original plan for the day seemed good, but do we ask others for
>presentations as well?
>And do you have any ideas about who we are targetting for the day?
>I'd like to send out emails and create some web pages ASAP.
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