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Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] Test if cell exists by ID

At 09:09 PM 5/14/01 +0300, Tuomas Lukka wrote:

Deletion, as it stands, means "break all connections".

In that case, Benja's nextID solution works pretty well for me.

> There's a method called c() in ZZDimSpace
> that does what I was looking for, except that it's
> private.  But a ZZDimSpace-level solution would be fine for me,
> any chance this method could be made public (and
> maybe renamed)?

I'd prefer having package access, and a ZZKludge class
which would call and return this.

I've only been coding in Java for a few months (since I started
playing with GZigZag); I'm afraid I don't understand what you
mean by this.  I assume this is something that could be done
in an applitude without changing the core?

As an aside: why do you want to know whether a cell existed?


A good example in the existing code is the g/G command available
to the user--currently, if the user types the ID of a cell that doesn't
exist and executes the g command, a new cell is created.  I'd
rather be told that the cell doesn't exist, but now I understand
that GZigZag embodies a different concept of existence than what
I was thinking.  If you're going to expose IDs to the user, you
might think about whether a user would be confused by a new cell being
created just by their attempting to jump to it (well, I was, at least :-).