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Re: [zzdev] To do for article

Tuomas Lukka wrote:
> Demos:
>         - file browser (Benja, Rauli)
>                 - should use JInternalFrame
>                   to make cooler-looking display

I don't have a clue at what you want to do here (except if you want to
replace the panes by JInternalFrames, which would require re-writing
VobPanel COMPLETELY, as well as writing a new VobScene implementation,
because overlapping panes are nowhere near being possible at the moment).

>         - code to time an event stream and play back, writing
>           .ppm files
>           - must show mouse cursor, and also output sound track
>             clicks at the right times.

The guidelines UIST refers to require that the video is real-time; is
the plan you describe ok in that case?
> Text:
>         - lots of stuff.
>         - refactored Vob Scene explanation (Tuomas)
>         - file browser (Benja)
>         - Design patterns (Vesa)
>         - ???

Components (Benja). (Namely, an explanation of how vobs map to use with
lightweight components.)