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To do for article

	- file browser (Benja, Rauli)
		- should use JInternalFrame
		  to make cooler-looking display
		- should be faster
		- need a convincing use case story for video script
	- text (Tuomas)
		- finish line breaking
		- put simple span content on screen
		- port connector code
		- work out script

	- script
	- graphics for standing texts
	- code to time an event stream and play back, writing
	  .ppm files
	  - must show mouse cursor, and also output sound track
	    clicks at the right times.
	- do the presentation
	- do the voice-over

	- lots of stuff.
	- refactored Vob Scene explanation (Tuomas)
	- file browser (Benja)
	- Design patterns (Vesa)
	- ???

Images: (Vesa)
	- finish the diagrams

And now:
	if anyone has time to help with anything, please do say so.