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Re: [zzdev] :zz,osmic,tpub: Referential Contents in ZZ

Ted Nelson wrote:
> I know, but I wasn't thinking of a URL.

This doesn't mean it isn't :)

URL stands for "Universal Resourse Locator" and that's what we're
trying to do - right?  Locate resources?
> Consider the references in OSMIC-- they're not
>  to URLs; they're to specific byte ranges in the
>  primedia scroll and to specific operations in the Oplist.
> We could encapsulate these somehow in a URL,
>  but consider that to get a specific portion of
>  the primedia we would have to have a CGI script
>  on the server.

Nope.  The OSMIC server can already do what we need.  And the
URL for OSMIC would look something like this:


See?  It -is- a reference to byte ranges in the Primedia

And since ZigZag cells can only -display- data at this point, we don't
need to encode the operations.  That's a problem for the cell-editing

> What I had had in mind was different-- a local
>  primedia scroll and references within it.

Same thing :)

Incidentally, because of how the OSMIC server works it doesn't matter
if I access my primedia scroll, or xanadu.net's, or happydoodle's,
etc.  The OSMIC server doesn't "know" if it's getting a connection
from the same machine or the other side of the world.

> (When a cell is exported, however, that complicates it, since the
> primedia would have to be exported as well, probably with its cosmic
> address...)

That does complicate things, yes.  But they're already complicated if
we can reference files and programs from Cells.  In fact the idea of
"export" really doesn't make too much sense ... at least it becomes
analogous to the "save to disk" option in Netscape - getting a
snapshot of something that might change at any moment.  


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