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:zz,osmic,tpub: Referential Contents in ZZ

I know, but I wasn't thinking of a URL.

Consider the references in OSMIC-- they're not
 to URLs; they're to specific byte ranges in the
 primedia scroll and to specific operations in the Oplist.

We could encapsulate these somehow in a URL,
 but consider that to get a specific portion of
 the primedia we would have to have a CGI script
 on the server.

(This is, incidentally, what we're trying to do with

What I had had in mind was different-- a local
 primedia scroll and references within it.  (When
 a cell is exported, however, that complicates it,
 since the primedia would have to be exported as well,
 probably with its cosmic address...

Definitely a problem to be Slept On, do you agree?

Best, Ted

At 08:02 AM 10/2/98 +1000, you wrote:
>Ted Nelson wrote:
>> I didn't know you meant referential across the *net*!
>> Prob. a good idea, but maybe not immediate.  
>Once you put in -any- referential, as long as it's encoded like a URL,
>it doesn't matter if it's on the same hard disk or somebody else's
>server really.  The issues are all the same!
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