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Re: [zzdev] View change

Tuomas Lukka wrote:
> A change in unstable that requires regeneration of all client parts is
> going to happen: the old VanishingRaster code is gone, replaced by the
> bright and shiny VanishingView (which is able to produce the strange view
> I sent earlier).

Couldn't VanishingView use getCenter() (and maybe the cell views have a
way to create flobs given visual center instead of UL coordinates, and
VV use that too)? Using the ball-stick view with vanishing is kind of
weird right now (the centers not below each other), which is a pity
because it could be so useful.

(Would mean cell views would need to be able to construct flobs given
visual center & dimensions, instead of UL corner & dimensions. But that
*does* make sense for many views.)

> Also, I bowed in and added to ZZIter an enumeration-like pattern. Sigh.

I have some ideas how to abstract the dimension recursion out, but
I really have *no* time at the moment. Sometimes...