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Home and root cells (was: [zzdev] And one small thing ---)

On 27 Oct, Katariina Ervasti wrote:
> --- that I've always wondered is:
> if the homecell is such an important cell why 
> does it look like an ordinary cell? There's no
> text (e.g. 'HOME') in it (unless you don't write
> it) and it's white, like any cell.

More wondering: isn't the home cell, as it is at the moment, something
that only the machine should be interested in? The cell #1, the first
cell, must be there when the space is created, so that other cells
could be created next to it. Thus it is naturally the fixed cell, where
every traversal begins. I don't see how it's related to the user's home

I'd like to think in the traditional way on this subject. Cell #1 is
more like a filesystem root directory, I'd call it "the root cell". The
home cell is like the home directory, so "the home cell" could be
some other cell.

But about protecting the important cells: we need a general way to
mark cells and connections as read-only. Protecting just some cells is
not very useful - eg. I'd value my dataset cells higher than some home
> If you delete this cell by accident, you have to
> rescue it by going to d.cellcreation and connecting 
> it again. 

Huh =) And there's always a way to fix any mistake you make! Have to
just remember to be careful with the bindings list ;-) I once sorted
the bindings rank alphabetically, and accidentally the first half of
the bindings appeared negwards from the corner, and only the second
half worked...


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