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Re: Home and root cells (was: [zzdev] And one small thing ---)

> more like a filesystem root directory, I'd call it "the root cell". The
> home cell is like the home directory, so "the home cell" could be
> some other cell.

Sure, it would be nice to be able to determine where I 
want my MAIN starting place to be.  :-) (Of course I can have
many starting places when I'm using my bookmarks in the future.)

Yet, at the moment I'm mainly circling around "the root cell" 
because of navigational reasons. 'HOME' takes the right cursor
to this cell, 'ESC' takes the both cursor to the same cell.

By the way, I said to Tuomas I want to have a background image
in my GZigZag windows ... He asked me to code it. That's nasty. 
I sure have better things to do. ;-)