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Re: gzz Edit Window

On 20001024T025846-0400, Marlene Mallicoat wrote:
> Hi, AJ --
> >> 1.   Edit Window functions.  The Home, End and Enter (carriage return)
> keys
> >> should be made to work again.  Also, the ability to stripe a block of
> test
> >> (for cut, copy, paste) needs to be put back in.  Also, right now,
> instead
> >> of scrolling the text up, I get Edit Windows where the text I'm
> inputting
> >> and the cell number are on top of each other, making it difficult to
> read.
> >This most likely requires a full rewrite of the edit window code (which
> >is still a kluge!).
> We very much need to know:  when will this be done?  It is extremely
> difficult to work with the gzz 0.1.3 stable version until these edit
> functions are implemented.

I just implemented the following in CVS:

    In text edit mode:
        Home goes to the start of cell content
	End goes to the end of cell content
	Ctrl-A goes to the beginning of the current line
	Ctrl-E goes to the end of the current line
	Enter can be inserted into cells
(Ctrl-A and Ctrl-E seem to be broken just now.)

The bindings are available only on new or -new -dcold'd spaces.

However, the line breaks show on screen as spaces.  It's as much I could
get to work for now.

Home, End and Enter will appear in 0.1.4.  Ctrl-A and Ctrl-E will if
and only if I can fix them.

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