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Re: [zzdev] :gbg: Flame: User-hostile ethic of the Linux community

On 20001015T030511+0900, Ted Nelson wrote:
> I do not understand the curious user-hostile ethic of the Linux
>  community in making stuff unreadable to users of commercial
>  software, insisting on 
> ? PostScript files
> ? TeX-format documents
> ? Mozilla-compliant Web pages

(I imagine RMS will not like your use of "commercial".  I think what
you mean is "proprietary".  Free software can be commercial as well.)

I don't understand your point.  Postscript and TeX are both formats
that can be read with proprietary programs.  Do you want me to give you
vendor names?

(I don't really understand why you insist on using proprietary programs
for reading these formats.  But hey, that's your choice.)

As to Mozilla-compliant pages, that is a misnomer.  The pages are
compliant to the relevant standards.  It is your browser that is broken.
If you insist on using a proprietary browser, I can again give you
vendor names.

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