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Re: [zzdev] Re: Two hashtables per cell? No way!

> ... or what about a ZZLanguage object, which is passed and has a String
> read(ZZCell) method, which <everything that draws text on the screen> is
> supposed to use?
> This'd implement language preflists and the like. (Would also have a
> write() method for ZZPrimitiveActions etc. And it could be somehow
> associated with the window cell and retrieved through it?)
> Not perfect either, of course...

Much nicer, and actually it doesn't need ANY changes to the original core.
I came up with about the same (except statically) in the previous message,
I guess this could be even better. 

I like it, it's minimal resistance.

VStreams will be more difficult, again, but we'll see about those later.
Maybe they actually don't need direct I18N but more explicit stuff...

So this would be in the place where the Raster and the CellView are
created, and there you'd do setLanguage(ZZLanguage.getLanguage(window));
And have ZZDefaultLanguage object which just calls getText() - small price
to pay, and then another with a preflet list which would read the
structure more deeply.

Now all the multilingual versions could be stored in the structure which
would also help since you can then rotate to a view that shows all