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:zz: Some sort of visible docking-pt for Slices

Hi Tuomas--

Great talking to you the other night.  Very sorry I have no time
 to read the zGigGag (oops, sorry !-) traffic since leaving Finland.

As I understand your points, one of the things you would like
 would be some way to see open docking-points.  This is of course
 wholly legit.

One way I would suggest would be an attribute (i.e. connection on
 a.something) for one or more of the following--
? Visible Open Docking-Point.
? Visible Docking-Point (open or not)

Note that within the preflet system as I've designed it,
 this would not be automatic, since the preflets are expected
 generally to exert their preferences from outside.
 So any connection can unwittingly be a docking-point.

Therefore this would be a flag you'd set on a cell
 if you wanted it to be a noticeable docking-point.

These are options if you like them.


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