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Stable branch created (IMPORTANT info to write access developers)

I've created the branch ver_0_1 in CVS.  This branch is now slushed
(partially frozen), and it's what we'll be now stabilizing for our first
real release (0.1.0).

You can get a copy of the branch by doing "cvs checkout -r ver_0_1
gzigzag" (do it in a safe place, it'll probably break any existing
"gzigzag" tree in the current directory).  You can also update to that
branch by doing "cvs update -r ver_0_1" in an existing working copy.

The snapshots will still track the trunk, thus no slush snapshots
are made.  We'll release soon enough anyway.

We'll be periodically merging the branch with the trunk.

COMMIT GUIDELINES (Read this if you have write access to CVS)

  1. All bugfixes should go to the stable branch.
  2. If you want to add new code (either a feature or a bigger bugfix) to
  the branch, talk to Tuomas first (preferably using this mailing list).
  3. NEVER EVER commit the same thing to both the branch and the trunk.

Have fun!

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