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One more thing for the interpolation fray...

One more thing about the interpolation stuff: one thing we want eventually
is to be able to interpolate between permascroll spans that are referenced
through different cells. 

So that we can first see one text stream on display and then switch to
another one and see the cut&pasted pieces of text morph. This would be a
great demonstration of something you can't do without permascrolls.

This doesn't fit the current nor the proposed framework well because both
are based on cells. But this may be common: we may want to identify bits
and pieces on the screen by other things than their cells. 

The big question is designing a fast enough system that still allows that.

I'm removing the Java-level deprecation of flobPath for a while, as it's
giving too many warnings - and because it'll be at least a few days until
we resolve this.