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Re: [zzdev] Mac use

[05.09.2000 ° 12:04 Uhr] Jack Seay -->

> I would like to beta test gzigzag on my Mac. Unfortunately, I don't 
> know enough about programming to get things working on my laptop. I 
> have a Powerbook 1400. If anyone is using gzigzag on a Mac, I would 
> appreciate some simple help. What Java and other software do I need 
> to acquire? How do I compile on a Mac? This might be of help to 
> others as well. 

if u want to get it up + running,. u will need .. ,. 

- the snapshot .jar files 
     which u can downloand from gzigzag.sourceforge.net
- JBindery
     which is on the apple java site somewhere MRJ SDK i think
open jbindery, make a new file,. the setting u need are. ,.  

 class name = foo.Main
 parameters = cells  (or whatever u want to call yr datafile)
redirect stdout to a file (to make it easeier to find out whats going on/wrong) 

in the classpath section, add the snapshot .jar file,
select the 'expand .zip and .jar files' option

save settings + u will have an app that should run gzz.

im using the snapshots (with + without modules) and they work fine on a g3 laptop, + sys 8.6

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