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Re: [zzdev] Mac use

On Tue, 5 Sep 2000, Jack Seay wrote:
> I would like to beta test gzigzag on my Mac. Unfortunately, I don't 
> know enough about programming to get things working on my laptop. I 
> have a Powerbook 1400. If anyone is using gzigzag on a Mac, I would 
> appreciate some simple help. What Java and other software do I need 
> to acquire? How do I compile on a Mac? This might be of help to 
> others as well. 

Unfortunately I'm not able to help on this but if you're not going to
program, you don't actually need a compile environment, only the .jar
snapshots. For running those, a JVM should be sufficient and is probably
included with your mac.
> I would like to put some books into gzigzag format, including the 
> Bible, and upload them to some egroups file areas and other web 
> sites. That should be a good test of the program's capabilities.

Sounds interesting. How would you use the format?

I'd recommend also making new visualizations to go with the books, since
that's one of the big things here: you can draw the structure to the
screen with pixel-level control.

If you don't want to program, you'll probably want to use the stable
versions we'll start putting out this week.