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Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] www.xanadu.com.au

On 20000812T165156-0700, Andrew Pam wrote:
> Also try a traceroute - I've found that the link between Australia and
> Europe is particularly bad sometimes.  The link between Australia and
> the US seems to be just fine; I have no touble accessing the server from
> over here in the US, even interactively with ssh.

I can live with slowness (except with archive searches); that's what
proxies are for.  But the connection refusals bother me.

Um... is xanadu.com.au meant to be two different IP's?

ajk@kukkaruukku[11:16:15]:ajk$ host www.xanadu.com.au
www.xanadu.com.au       CNAME   xanadu.com.au
xanadu.com.au           A
xanadu.com.au           A

The latter consistently refuses HTTP connections.

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