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Re: [zzdev] Two applitude programmer's questions

On Mon, 31 Jul 2000, Benjamin Fallenstein wrote:
> - I want to create my own raster, which should be accessible through the
> usual control and data views. Also, I want to put everything I create in
> a module of my own, having an INSTALL action which makes the necessary
> changes in a space so that my applitude can be used inside it -- this
> should insert my raster into the FlobRasters list. But how can I make my
> raster accessible through that list? It seems some special magic is
> attatched to the names of FlobRasters?

See what ZZMbox does: it does exactly what you want to do here.
The magic is that if there's a period in the name, it looks at it as
Module.rastername (well, ZObname now - a lot changed in the past few

> - When my raster is the current raster in the right view, and the view's
> cursor is moved, I want to move the cursor of the left view in some
> custom way. How can I do this?

> The idea behind the latter is that I want to move the left cursor to
> some list (doesn't need to be a common list) of items of the type of the
> item selected in the right view; this should speed up my point-and-click
> programming system.

Are you sure this wouldn't be easier to do by creating two wholly new
views whose cursors are locked using cursor-cargo?

If not, then it may be time for cursor magic: a dimension on the cursing
cell which indicates routines to run when he cursor is changed. This would
be started by ZZCursorReal, which then must be made the only way in which
cursors are moved.

The former is cleaner but slightly more difficult on the rasters,
possibly, and the latter is less clean but much more powerful.