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Re: [zzdev] Two applitude programmer's questions

Tuomas Lukka wrote:
> See what ZZMbox does: it does exactly what you want to do here.
> The magic is that if there's a period in the name, it looks at it as
> Module.rastername (well, ZObname now - a lot changed in the past few
> hours.)


> > - When my raster is the current raster in the right view, and the view's
> > cursor is moved, I want to move the cursor of the left view in some
> > custom way. How can I do this?
> > The idea behind the latter is that I want to move the left cursor to
> > some list (doesn't need to be a common list) of items of the type of the
> > item selected in the right view; this should speed up my point-and-click
> > programming system.
> Are you sure this wouldn't be easier to do by creating two wholly new
> views whose cursors are locked using cursor-cargo?

Yep. The left view needs to be set to a cell evaluated from the *type*
of the token selected in the right view -- that's a lot of indirection,
which needs to be coded. (Besides, it's a design decision for my
applitude that it should use the existent views, if possible, to make it
consistent with the rest of the system.)

> If not, then it may be time for cursor magic: a dimension on the cursing
> cell which indicates routines to run when he cursor is changed. This would
> be started by ZZCursorReal, which then must be made the only way in which
> cursors are moved.

Do you mean the only way *real* cursors are moved, or do you mean the
virtual cursors should be removed? I don't see a reason for the latter.
After all, I need to watch a real cursor, not a virtual one. Should we
use d.trigger as the dimension or d.cursor-trigger (or something the
like)? I vote for the latter, because I think d.trigger should be
reserved for changes in the content of cells.

- Benja