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Re: [zzdev] Re: :zz: For now, how to recognize a mark cell

On Sat, Jul 04, 1998 at 09:23:22PM +1000, Gossamer wrote:
> Ted Nelson wrote:
> > When we get Cell Types, "mark" will be a separate type.
> > Till then, we assume that anything beginning "m."
> >  and posward of something else is a mark cell.
> You mean anything with the dimension named m.*, or with the cell
> content beginning with that?

I think Ted was intending to use the cell content.  But that's not
necessary, since (analagous to the cursor dimensions) anything not at
the head of a mark dimension is a mark cell.

However, since "mark" is really a relationship between cells, I can't
see any reason to actually have "mark cells" at all.  Why not just have a
mark dimension, and all the cells linked in a list in the mark dimension
are part of that mark group?  The mark groups, of course, should still
be linked together in the marklist dimension to allow moving between
mark groups.  This substantially simplifies things (including eliminating
the need for a "mark group counter").  Ted?

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