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Re: [zzdev] :zz: Easy: definition of "mark" ops, d.mark & d.list

On Sun, Jun 21, 1998 at 04:12:54PM +1000, Gossamer wrote:
> Ted Nelson wrote:
> > m, M => extends a cursorlike cell in d.mark.
> >  By default, it will contain the characters "m.1"
> >  for the first marked sequence.
> > Each time this is done, such a cell will be extended
> >  in d.mark from the marked cell.  
> > (Presumably these are clones.)
> > Meanwhile, all these cells containing "m.1"
> >  will be put on a list in d.marklist.
> Clones of what?

Clones of the first markcell in that marklist, though I can't quite see
why linking the markcells in d.clone as well as d.mark is any help.  Ted?

> And Xanni, how on EARTH would I keep the d.marklist lists working?

I'm not sure I understand it clearly myself yet.  I'll try and go over it
with Ted while we're in San Francisco.

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