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:zz: The Plan for ZigZag (3)


This thing is good and it is exciting and we need to get it out.  Therefore
let's correct the obvious problems and start giving it a number greater
than one.

The following mods are intended to be SMALL AND QUICK.  The idea is to get
out a clean 1.0 as soon as possible.

Anything that slows up delivery of 1.0 is negotiable.

Backup and safety ----------
- Create some more robust and frequent backup mode.
- Floppy save (same as the HotZiggity floppy save that Andrew's working
on)-- might as well work the same easy way from a desktop machine as well.

Dimension names ----------
- Rename "d.contain" to "d.inside".
- Rename "d.contain2" to "d.contents".

Bug fix ----------
- Make d.Inside and d.Contents work correctly: Correct the interpretation
of these two so they are no longer symmetrical, as follows.
-- The only things to be seen inside an item are what is on the list
posward of it on d.inside and then posward on d.contents (recursive).   
-- The entire list of "d.contents" is by interpretation inside the cell
which is negward on d.inside of the item most negward on d.contents. 
-- Note that such lists may be contatenated along d.contents; but the
interpretation of each content sublist begins at an relatively outside
cell, i.e. one which is negward on d.inside, and ends just before the next
relatively outside cell.  

Aesthetics ----------
- Make the feedback line invisible except as an  option.  I'm sorry but it
spoils the whole aesthetic.
- Remove the yellow on the clones.  For now we'll just show clones with the
"c" on the accursed cell.  (Later it'll be a view toggle.)

Include External Routines ----------
- Have a provision to include the user's code from files with some
particular extension or prefix.
-- That way, a change in ZigZag does not require users to re-edit their
changes into the program.

How seems this list?

Cheers, T

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