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Re: :zz: Peter's oooo...kay: Is ZZ an OS?

>Does it contain its own OS, 

Not currently. Maybe someday.

Actually, ZigZag **is** conceptually an OS--
 meaning a very clean way of structuring data
 at the lowest level.  So I'm interested in making it one,
 someday, somehow.

At 03:58 PM 6/21/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>> Fields?
>Ain't nobody here but us Cells <g>.
>What you put in us, and how group, is up to you.<<
>Ok. What defines a cell? How big is it? Does it contain its own OS, do
>cells contain other cells with other cells in them? Is there a "nesting
>Where do I start to make stuff?
>What's the relationship to the screen, or other interfaces? What about
>programming? How do I identify a cell? Is there anything familiar here,
>such as a "window" or an "object"?
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