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Re: [zigzag] Re: [zigzag] Re: [zigzag] Re: :zz: Edward Prentice' problem

Well, I managed to work around it, and I have now successfully
loaded the data file.  Just in case I'm not the only person
who encounters this problem, I'll explain the process I went through
so people can understand it as I now do.
Once I realized it wanted a DOS format disk with the datafile,
I checked out Ted's website
and found a pointer to zigzag datasets, and then to the file zzdata050.zz

I downloaded it and copied it to a DOS format floppy. That didn't work;
again with an error message that flashed by too quickly to see.
Then I tried renaming it to zigzag.data, since the documentation
said that was the default filename, but that didn't work.
Then I had the insight that when the program exits, it offers to
save your revised data to disk. I did so, and noted the filename
that it used, which was "zigzag.zz" as you have now confirmed.
After renaming the zzdata050.zz to zigzag.zz, I was able to see
the demo data when I started up.
	My suggestion is that you document the workaround on the
page where people can download the standalone bootable linux version,
until you're able to make a new one with the fix.
	Of course anyone on this mailing list that reads this can
also get to it, but I suspect that the VAST majority of people
that download the standalone version won't be on the list.
At 04:15 11/22/98 +1100, you wrote:
>You're absolutely correct.  It appears we changed the filename zigzag
>is looking for to "zigzag.zz" without remembering to rename the sample
>data file supplied on the demo disk.  Well spotted!
>This will be fixed in the next release, coming shortly.  Thanks for your
>patience and assistance!
>Share and enjoy,
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