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PC demo - request for help

I've downloaded the PC demo, unzipped it, and rawrite-ed the floppy.
I can then reboot into the linux based zigzag demo.

Within the demo, I can navigate around both screens, and I've
even added some cells to see how that works.  What I have *NOT* been
able to do is to get to the sample data (calendar, genealogy, etc) that
I was under the impression was there. I haven't figured out how to 
get Zigzag to read in the sample data. I figure that why I'm failing is
one of these reasons:
	1. It is already loaded, but I haven't figured out how to navigate
	to the sample data
	2. I have to load in the sample data, but I haven't figured out
	how to do that
	3. my demo came without the same data (unlikely, since I thought
	I saw kaiser wilhelm, but I don't know what I did to see that.
Bottom line - how do I get to something other than the 7 dimension and
couple of dozen actions?
"Edward G. Prentice" <egp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>