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:zz: Re: zigzag drive

On Sat, Jul 04, 1998 at 12:32:23AM -0400, Peter Barus wrote:
> My system allows me to create a c:\ drive unbeknownst to DOS or whatever,
> and swap it for the "real" one. I have two now, and room for another (about
> 600 MB). 
> >> a mischievous config file <<
> I think it's done with a bogus Master Boot Record or something.

Linux is capable of accessing all of those partitions if you configure it to.
It doesn't really have the concept of a "C:" drive at all.

> What's the best way to set up the environment for Zigzag? I see all these
> Linux and Unix products in the catalogs.

For beginners who want to go beyond the bootable Zigzag demo disk,
I recommend getting the most recent Red Hat, Caldera or SuSE Linux
distribution, installing that according to the instructions, installing
the Perl Curses module according to its instructions and then downloading
the latest Zigzag source code archive from our website.  Please let me
know if you want more detailed help.

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